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Company Profile

Radar Top Ltd. since 1992 is an experienced manufacturer and exporter specializing in Caps, Hats & Embroidery. We have our office in Hong Kong acting as a connection to worldwide market.

Business Type : Manufacturer
Country : Hong Kong
Established Year : 1992
Employee Count : HK: 12-15
Factory Location : Shenzhen (Main)
    Luo Ding Guangdong (Branch)
OEM : Yes
Existing Markets : US, UK, Chinese Mainland & Local
Vat : 17%
Production Leadtime time : 30-60 days
Monthly Productivity : 500,000 pcs
Strengths : 1. Sampling leadtime : 7-10 days
    2. Strong in baby cap items (Safety) and washing factory
    3. Guarantee in quality, as pass factory audit by famous customer
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